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    Tableau Prep 2020.1.1 - Google Drive connection issue

    Kiril Yunakov

      Hi there,

      I have a created a data flow that requires to be updated every day and one of the data source I am using is a Google Spreadsheet. Therefore, I use the Google Drive connection of Tableau Prep. The issue I have is that Tableau Prep is not able to reconnect with already added Google Drive connection and I have to remove and add again the connection.


      The error message I get is:



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Open the data flow file

      2. Connect to the tableau server

      3. Click on the Google Drive connection

      3.1. Go through the authentication process of Google Drive

      3.2. The browser window opens asking to authentic the connection between Tableau and Google Drive

      3.3. I authenticate the connection

      3.4. A new browser window opens and shows the following message: "Tableau created this window to authenticate. It is now safe to close it."

      4. Tableau Prep opens a window with all files available in my Google Drive

      5. I close this windows because I don't want to add additional data source.

      6. The connection from the already established Data source is still not available.



      Does anyone know how can I solve this?





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