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    Create a Active Directory Group and set default site role using REST API




      I am trying to get AD groups from ActiveDirectory and add them to the site using REST API.


      The following is what I have and I am getting 400 error. Can someone please look into it and let me know what I am doing wrong here



      # Get AD Groups that starts has Tableau


      Get-ADGroup -Filter "Name -like '*Tableau*'" | export-csv -Path c:\scripts\ADGroups.csv -NoTypeInformation


      $path = "http://TableauServer/api/2.2/"

      $usernameTableau = ""

      $passwordTableau = ""

      $site = "Test1"


      Function signInToASite ([string] $uname, [string] $pwd, [string] $site){


          # generate body for initial sign in

           $signin_body = (


                <credentials name=“’ + $uname + ’” password=“’+ $pwd + ’” >

                  <site contentUrl= “’ + $site + ’”/>




          $signin_uri = "$path"+"auth/signin"

          #write-host  $signin_uri


              $response = Invoke-RestMethod -uri $signin_uri -Body $signin_body -Method Post


              # get the auth token, site id and my user id

              $authtoken = $response.tsResponse.credentials.token

              $siteID = $response.tsResponse.credentials.site.id

              $myUserID = $response.tsResponse.credentials.user.id

              #write-host $signin_uri

              #write-host "authorization token : " $authtoken

              #write-host "SiteID : " $siteID

              #write-host "User ID  : " $myUserID

              return $authtoken, $siteID, $myUserID        



      $auth,$siteid, $myId  = signInToASite $usernameTableau $passwordTableau $site

      write-host $auth,$siteid, $myId


      # Creates AD group in Tableau Server


      Function addGroupToSite([string] $newGrpName , [string] $siteID

                                  , [string] $siteRole , [string] $aToken){


          # set up header fields with auth token

          $headers = New-Object “System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary[[String],[String]]”

          # add X-Tableau-Auth header with our auth token

          $headers.Add(“X-Tableau-Auth”, $aToken)


          $uri = "$path"+"sites/$siteid/groups"


          $reqBody = (’<tsRequest>

                              <group name=“’ + $newGrpName + ’” >

                                 <import source=“ActiveDirectory”


                                      siteRole=“Viewer” />




          write-host $reqBody


          $response = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $uri -Headers $headers -Body $reqBody -Method Post


          $newGrpId = $response.tsResponse.group.id


          write-host $newGrpId


          return $newGrpId



      $siteRole = "Viewer"


      $arrGroups = (Import-csv c:\scripts\ADGroups.csv).Name


      #write-host $arrGroups.Name[0]


      Foreach ($newGrp in $arrGroups) {

           write-host $newGrp

           $newGrpId = addGroupToSite $newGrp $siteid $siteRole $auth


           write-host $newGrpId   




      The following is the error I am receiving