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    Get Max in sub Category

    Fattaneh Ameri Mahabadian

      Hi everyone,

      I need to get the max in each year for example in 2015 I want 8250 for household and for 2016 I want 6952 for cosmetics .


      Thank you.



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          Anamika Batra

          Hi Fattaneh,


          I am a little confused by your question. Are you looking to get the maximum units by year or by item or by item per year?

          Its difficult to give you an absolutely accurate answer without a twbx. But based on the image you shared, here are some potential solutions.


          1. Max by Year: {FIXED Region, Year of Order Date : MAX(Units Sold)}

          2. Max by Item: {FIXED Region, Item Type : MAX(Units Sold)}

          3. Maz by item per year : Use Rank function OR {FIXED Region, Item Type, Year of Order Date : MAX(Units Sold)}


          If it helps, please mark it helpful and CORRECT to close the thread.