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    Stacked bar chart

    Yue Xin

      Hi all,


      How do i stack only the "Jeff" and "amount unknown" into one stacked bar chart and leave "Odie'"s separated.



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          Robert Breen

          Hello Yue,


          I replicated your question with sales data. See attached.

          You can use a calculation like this to group the dimensions together.


          case [Category]

          when "Furniture" then "One"

          when "Office Supplies" then "One"

          when "Technology" then "Two"



          Hope this helps! See attached.

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          Robert Breen



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            Mahfooj Khan



            Seeing your screenshot I'd suggest you need to transpose your measures from columns to rows so that all the measures come under one field. Then you can create a group to achieve the expected output.


            Let us know if this helps.