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    Sum the occurrencies based on two criteria

    Redona Kajmaku



      maybe this is something that has been discussed previously in the forum. If so, I would appreaciate the link, since I was unable to find a solution to my problem.

      I have a database of first names and their occurrencies in two different years. There are some names that occurr as both female and male names. I want to show the total sum of occurrencies for a specified name and as well how it is divided for females and males, but somehow I cannot find it.

      For example for ''Jona'' (in the example I have attached) I want to show a total of occ. 19 and then for females 16 and 3 for males. I tried with an LOD {Fixed [First Name], [Gender]='f' : Sum([Occurrencies])} for the total of females and {Fixed [First Name], [Gender]='m' : Sum([Occurrencies])} for males, but with this I still get the total number of occurrencies, even when I filter a certain name.


      Thank you in advance.