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    Comparing Multiple R12 Based on Single Date (Today)

    Matt DiPippa



      I am relatively new to Tableau and am unable to share my data set, but i am thinking this can be answered using Superstore data..


      I am trying to calculate CAGR over five rolling 12 month periods based on today, so this needs to be dynamic.


      I am struggling with how to setup the R12 "buckets" data if you will. For example, I want the most recent R12 data (period 1) to be today +364 days. The second most recent (period 2), days 366-731, and so on and so forth to period 5.


      Is there some sort of LoD calc that can get me [measure] data for these five periods? I think there is significant Date logic that needs to be distilled that is holding me back.


      Anyone up for the challenge?


      Date Column Name: Order Date

      Measure: Sales