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    Having Tableau Derive Lat/Long

    Jonathan Hodge

      Howdy all!


      Had a quick question on creating something like a hexbin map when you have geographic fields, but not the actual lat/long.

      So for hexbin calcs it should look something like this:


      Now in Superstore data, there is no hard defined long/lat, but Tableau does have the auto-generations.

      So when making a simple map of cities with superstore it creates these long/lat's.


      I feel like now we are so close! We have the numbers!

      Tableau knows what these long/lat's are of the geographic data points, but its not like it *actually* exists in the data set.


      So my question, is there a way I can create my hexbin calc with long/lats that tableau can auto-generate? Without having to export out all the data, bring it back in, and data blending back to original superstore data set?


      Thanks for any assistance!