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    Properly filtering data

    Jesus Garza

      Hello everyone


      I am trying to create a charts filtering something with something resembling the following data


      date                  category             score

      spring               1                              2

      summer            1                              3

      fall                    1                              3

      winter               1                              4


      spring               2                              3

      summer            2                              3

      fall                    2                              3

      winter               2                              4


      spring               3                              3

      summer            3                              3

      fall                    3                              3

      winter               3                              4


      So what I want is creating a filter so that when I graph them, I am only graphing the categories which if at least in one of the dates for each category is <3, then all is true, else all are false.


      For this dummy data, only category 1 will be true (since it contains a 2), cat 2 and 3 will be false, so that when I filter for T/F, I only show the graph for category 1. I can't figure out a way of creating a calculated field for this. Can anyone help?


      All I have been able to do is isolate the 2 in cat 1, so it only shows a dot, and I want the full data points for cat 1