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    Can you map more than one field to the same field in a Data Relationship?

    Dave Dixon

      Tired of having to hardcode financial targets in a smattering of workbooks over and over again, our organization is finally looking into building a table to handle them.   They're target numbers by FY, Organization, and Category, plus Overall (which is oddly not just a simple rollup), for each of a half dozen KPIs.




      If we have a structure that includes:

      - a column for Entity Type (Agency, Category, Overall)

      - and an Entity column with values like Agency1, Agency2, Agency3, Catg1, Catg2, Catg3, etc


      ...will I be able to blend the table in such that I can point both the Agency field in my primary source, AND the Category field in my primary source, to this one Entity column?


      That way, when someone selects an Agency on one dashboard, OR a Category on another dashboard, the targets will all update accordingly in the vizzes.