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    Workaround for parameter actions

    Gabriella Gonda



      I've developed a dashboard that uses parameter actions to capture the user's choices and then parameters as "datasources" for a list where I display the user's selection. The idea is from Jonathan Drummey's  blogpost. Unfortunately however it turned out that our company's Tableau Server is still on  version 2019.1.6, therefor this feature doesn't work on the server.

      This would be key, because I'd like to capture the items  that the users are choosing from a huge list, and I set a url action to email me their choices. The set actions won't work here, because the list is quite long, they will have to scroll down, and with sets - as far as I know- you can only select the items once. You can select multiple items, but only in one go, you cannot add another item, otherwise it will overwrite your previous selection.


      Is there a workaround that would work with 2019.1?


      Strangely the other parameter action, where I simply capture the users' entry in the parameter control text box, works. But in that case I doesn't use a field to pass the entry/selection to the parameter, the parameter just takes the value directly from the control box.


      I would appreciate any thoughts on the matter.