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    DataViz vs View Underlying Data

    Enrico Vignoli

      Hi all,


      I have the following database:

      • on the rows there's the company name
      • on the columns there's the information if the company is above the threshold of a balance ratio in the form of "YES or NO" and if the company is a customer or not
      • the same company could be above the threshold of one or more ratios or none


      I made a bar chart (creating a calculated field that turn the YES to 1 and the NO to 0) to see the amount of companies (divided by customer and not customer) that are above any single ratios. When i click on a single bar to make me show the list of companies that are above the threshold of a single ratio, the list shows me not only that limited number of companies but all the companies like in the screenshot below:



      What i'm looking for is the list showing me only the 3 companies indicated in the bar and not the total 8.


      Does anyone have any solutions?

      I tried every combination of LOD expression or parameters but i get nothing.


      Attached is a twbx.