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    filter and highlight


      I have two questions about highlight and filter. Here are details. I have two maps and one table in one dashboard where there are 3 customers on each map (picture 1). The table is filtered by customer when I click customer on map.




      Question 1: if I choose c3 in Highlight Customer, the table was not filtered by c3 (See the picture 2). The table still shows contents in previous filter. This means the highlight does not filter until I click point on the map. How can I fix this? 



      Question 2: If I highlight the customer c3 on map2 (one bottom point), then I want to highlight another customer c2 through Highlight Customer text box. The problem is the highlight of c3 does not disappear. You can see there are 2 points (c2 and c3)on map2 and one point c2 on map1. (See picture 3)


      Thanks for any suggestions.