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    Parameter Hierarchy Filter

    Gareth Bowen

      Has anyone else tried using Lindesy Poulter's excellent Parameter Hierarchy Filter method on their own dataset? I have and have found an interesting feature when drilling back up the levels.  Everything works fine when there is 1 category-->More than 1 sub-category--> More than one product  but if there is only one sub-category attempting to drill back up to the category, once again drills down to the item.

      I thought it was my dataset but I've replicated with Superstore by deleting all but the Phone sub-category from Technology (workbook attached v2019.4.1).  Luckily the breadcrumb navigation allows you to navigate back to the top level, so even with this feature it's a brilliant solution and hats off to LIndsey for coming up with it.


      Given that this method works with the other scenarios I do wonder if it's a feature with parameter actions rather than the logic used???


      Any help would be most appreciated!