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    Dynamic Legend Titles

    Katerin Rodriguez



      I have a line chart that I created that uses parameters to change which metrics are shown. Is there a way to make the titles on the color legend dynamic so they change when the value in the parameter changes?


      It currently looks like this:




      Instead of metric 1 and metric 2 I would like the color legend to display [parameter value 1] & [parameter value 2].



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          Rohit Yeruva

          Hey Katerin,


          If you are using a dashboard to show your chart, there are many ways you can do this. You can replace your legend with text boxes that shows the parameters value and blank containers that represent the color box. You can also use sheets with  shapes parameters values as your text labels.


          If you can share your workbook, I can try and give a demo.




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            Robert Crocker

            This simplest solution does seem to be floating text boxes that show your parameter values over the top of the existing Metric 1 and 2 text. You'll need to make sure your background color is white so as to block the text underneath.