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    dashbaord ideas to display average time in process

    Marina Derechinskaya


      I'd like to create a dashboard the shows the average time in each step of a 5 step process. For example, submitting form -> approving form -> routing - > closing


      I have time stamps for each step and I'm able to determine the average just not sure what visualization would be most effective. The goal is to highlight the step that has the longest lag time.  Any ideas welcome!




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          Steve Wood

          Hi Marina,


          You often can't beat a good bar chart for getting a message across quickly and easily; perhaps with some highlighting for the key message (if there is one). Some ideas below.





          I used this data:


          And set up a pretty basic bar chart like this:


          The [Max time] calc for the highlighting is: AVG([Time]) = WINDOW_MAX(AVG([Time]))

          Aka: is the average time for this bar = to the maximum average time we have over all of the bars; if so highlight it.


          Alternatively you might want to show the distribution of times (i.e. show each instance of the form) as well as the average or a median. You could do this in a number of ways, here is one where I've used a box and whisker plot (from the analysis tab):



          Not the greatest example as I only created 3 form instances, but hopefully gives you the sense of this option. I switched to a circle mark type and dragged my ID onto detail so that I get a mark for each form instance. Then dragged box plot on from the analysis tab.


          Let us know how you get on and whether you'd like some more pointers or ideas!