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    LOD and IF boolean clause error!

    Greg Maya

      Let me describe my problem:

      I have observation data from multiple "snapshots" throughout the week of a building.

      I'm trying to calculate the amount of DESKS per team on a my dataset.
      One of the columns is called [predefined] which is a number that corresponds to a desk number which has been predefined on the set up. However, even if an entry is not on a desk it will still get a [predefined] number. Hence, I've created a boolean calculation that determines whether it's or not a desk.


      I'm ten trying to add all my desks per team with the following calculation but have not been able:


      { FIXED [Team Name]:

      if int([Desk])=1 then COUNTD([predefinedid]) ELSE 0 END}


      This blogpost seemed to solve it but I couldn't replicate the solution.


      Screenshot 2020-02-14 at 2.00.41 PM.png