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    How to Detect A Change in Sales Value Month-to-Month?

    Jeric Lam

      Hi All,


      Given a set of sales data, I am trying to use Tableau to highlight/detect when the difference in sales by teams month-to-month is above a user-defined amount (e.g. $1000). For example, for Alpha, Jan 2020 should be flagged out as the difference with Dec 2019 is above $1000.

      Attached is a workbook where I included a calculated field to do the above. [Sales Change] refers to the user-defined parameter. 

      However, this method might be a little clunky, as with the real data, I have many teams and months, and hence having a table view just like in the workbook might not be the best. Also, if I filter by selecting "Yes" for the calculated field, I am unable to compare across months (example below).

      One option is to use Colours on the calculated field (e.g. red for "Yes", blue for "No"). However, with the real data I am already using colours for a different scenario. Any ideas on alternative methods to report this that would also make it easy for the user to zoom in to the alerts?


      Thank you!