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    Will the Custom Query Execute every time I load the Dashboard even when I am using an extract?

    sri harsha pati



      I have a dashboard that has around 25 data sources(25 Custom queries)  and these queries are on an average about 100 lines.we are using an extract for all of these though.


      I am currently working on improving the performance as the initial loading of the dashboard is taking some time. When I look at the performance recording, I see a lot of "executing query"'s and they have my custom queries in their text which is a little counterintuitive. Why is tableau executing the custom queries again  even though I have it on extract.


      Can any one explain?


      If tableau is really executing the custom queries again, Will it help my performance if I move the large custom queries result set into a database table and simply  just say "Select * from the table *** "  in my custom query?


      Thank you