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    Convert Calculated Field to a Dimension

    Shelby Hodge

      Hi Team,


      I am struggling to find a solution - I want to convert the calculated field to a Dimension.


      I want to report on how many responses were  'Disengaged', 'Moderately Engaged' & 'Engaged' (these will be my 3 dimensions.

      {Engagement Score} is also a calculated field.


      IF (AVG([Engagement Score]) <= 3.4) THEN



          IF (AVG([Engagement Score]) > 3.4 AND AVG([Engagement Score]) <= 4.4) THEN

              'Moderately Engaged'


              IF (AVG([Engagement Score]) > 4.4) THEN

                  'Highly Engaged'





      Please help!

      - there is no option to right-click and convert to dimension

      - there is no option to drag from measure and drop into dimension.


      Thanks in advance