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    Product Availability

    Kar  Anne

      Hello Everyone !! I'm new to Tableau and there're some problems facing while creating dashboard in Tableau.


      I am working on a report on store level availability in different outlet with different SKU units.


      Basically, we want to see stock available in each of the store and if we had enough to process the sales orders.


      I am working on some table.


      a. SKU units

           - Availability stock in different outlet ID. (Yes/No) - Any calculation needed?

           - Total count of SKU units in different outlet ID

           - States


      b. Different Outlet

           -  Total count of SKU in each Outlet ID

           - Availability Stock (Yes/No)


      I'm looking for a dashboard that could showing different states in different outlet ID with the total count of SKU units and the availability stock in each outlet ID.


      Appreciate if you could advise on this matter.