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    Filter with different data sources

    Luis Martinez

      Hello Tableau Community Forum,


      The attached workbook uses multiple sources. However, all the sources share a lot of variables. I would like to use one variable to filter across multiple dashboards ( Institutional Completions and Targets, Completion Credentials by Institution, Institutional Completion by Demographics). My thought is to use the region and institution filters. Both filters use the same variables but come from different sources.


      Is it possible to do this? I've gone back and forth with Apply to Worksheets (all, selected, only this worksheet) but can't get it to work.


      Currently, the region filter keeps blending two sources. Comp_targ and Completions_region_of_fice.


      Let me know if I missing something quite obvious.




      Here is what happens when I change the region on the Institutional Completions and Target dashboard.