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    Filter two datasource with one date range filter

    Bretton Murphy

      Hello all,


      There seems to be no short of these sorts of questions but alas, nothing so far for me.


      I've got two sheets each tied to their own datasource. One has a single date field and the other has a start and an end. My goal is to use the date field from the first sheet to filter both datasources. I can easily have a nice date range filter in my dashboard for the first sheet but struggling to get it to work on the second sheet. Note that specifically I'm looking to filter such that [Start] >= [Date] AND [Date] <= [End].


      Things of Note.

      1. I don't believe parameters are useful here. I need something dynamic and parameters are static plus it doesn't appear that I can get the nice date range picker I get by directly using the date field.

      2. Setting up data relationships doesn't seem to work here as I can't setup two relationships for the same [Date] field. Plus it wouldn't allowed me to filter between [Start] and [End]


      My guess is I'd need to create some calculated field using the [Date] field blended into the sheet containing [Start] and [End]. LOD expressions still befuddle me quite a bit so any tips would be appreciated