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    Tableau trusted authentication from javascript

    Ritesh Patel

      Hi there,


      By reading other post on community, i understand it is not secure/best practice to have trusted authentication from client side. However, we do have different requirement for this.


      We are going to have only one computer on internal network that runs this web application. So, basically only one of our internal internet network will be trusted.

      Getting token from angular app doesn't seem to work. It gives CORS error in chrome browser. Do anyone have work around for this?


      getToken() {

          const formData = new FormData();

          formData.append('username', 'username');

          this.http.post("https://{{server}}/trusted", formData).subscribe((data) => {


          }, err => console.log(err.error));




      If not, Is there any other way i can embed dashboard on web have without having server side dependency?


      P.S I tried REST APIs but it doesn't seem to have any end point to embed view (or am i missing it?). Also we can not have SSO since we have local auth on server.