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    Creating an extract of data so I can work offline

    Susan Rubin

      I am a relative newbie to Tableau, so I hope some patient and more experienced user can assist me.


      I would like to be able to "play" a bit so I can gain experience using the data sets I need for work, and not some SuperStore sample set. Connecting remotely to our corporate server is very slow, so I thought I'd try to create a smaller offline random subset of my file to use for this purpose.


      My problem:


      - The dataset is too large to export directly from Tableau.

      - I cannot query the original databases because this enterprise data is inaccessible and unqueryable due to corporate policies. So I can't just query the data in SQL and throw it into cvs.

      - I tried extracting a dataset and then replacing my current dataset with the extract, but I get an error every time I do this.


      Do any of you have any suggestions for how I can download a small (<100k rows) subset for testing purposes?