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    Connecting .twbx and .tdsx to Prep

    Sergii Lykov

      Hello everyone,


      I'm trying to figure out how to connect existing .twbx to Prep flow without losing existing dashboards or at least find a replacement solution.




      Before I started working with Prep, I built up my entire .twbx workbook with multiple dashboards which I use. There are more than 30 good dashboards and it took me some time to get it all done. Basically, months of work. 


      Now I see the benefits of Prep and starting to use it more when uniting data.


      Screen shots below for som idea:


      I'm using PDC - OTP as .twbx along with a local copy just when I need to make some changes and play around with charts.


      That's where all the dashboards are (in PDC - OTP):




      Files 2.PNG


      Now, I'm connecting to the same source (.xls) to Prerp and doing the output and publish to server.


      Files 3.PNG


      As a result I have this view below. You can see that there is now folders and no dashboards (obviously).


      Files 4.PNG


      My goal is to replace PDC - OTP Master (which is coming from Prep) with PDC - OTP (local copy) and have it settled with all my dashboards in place. How this can be done? When I did the replacement by using PDC - OTP (local copy) no folders and dashboards appeared as I excpected them to appear. Basically if I won't resolve this replacement this means that I would have to create all the dasboards from scratch?


      Spoiler alert, I won't be able to share workbooks with flows yet.


      Anyone ever done this? Ken Flerlag maybe you would know?


      Please let me know.



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          Michael Gillespie

          Go to your original workbook that has the dashboards in it.  Open up a NEW data source and connect to the Prep-created datasource you published on Server.


          You will now have 2 separate data sources in your workbook, one for the old extract and one for the new published data source.


          Right-click on either of the data sources and select "Replace data source" from the popup menu.  Replace Data Sources - Tableau


          You'll have to recreate the folders you've created but otherwise everything should map over correctly.  Then you can close the OLD data source and your workbook will use the new one.


          PS: you cannot connect Prep to a twbx file.

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            Jonathan Drummey

            There are some caveats to using Replace Data Source, it's not guaranteed to replace *everything* the way we want... aliases, color settings, nested calculated fields, and some other bits can get lost in the Replace Data Source, so you'll need to carefully review each view to make sure it's working. See https://community.tableau.com/ideas/1954 for a long-standing feature request around this.