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    VizAlerst Job Schedulas

    Fatma er


      I use vizalert .I have a few problems .


      1) I can send report with tableau_test user with manuel Vizalerts.exe .But  when I tried to use Schedulas. It doesn't work. I don't send email.I didn't see fail message.It said completed.



      2) Another problem is related date .

      I want to chance my pdf and csv file name with this formula.

      I took this formula vizalertwebsite .


      “VIZ_PDF(Productivity/Dashboard?Employee=” + [Employee] + “|filename=” + [Employee] + “ Productivity “ + LEFT(DATENAME(‘month’,TODAY()),3) + “ “ + DATENAME(‘year’,TODAY())”


      I tried to change with my report.But ıt didn't work.