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    Why does Tableau Prep clear out your changes in INPUT when you change a text setting?

    Mike Stull

      So we have a Production folder that we put our Raw data files into and a Development\Test folder. When we move and repoint the connections from one folder to the other it sets the Text Options back to Automatic for Field Separator and Text Qualifier. I need them to stay what we set them and saved them to when we were point to our Development\Test folder.  The problem is that any Changes we make to change the data type get cleared out and have to be rebuilt.

      We are using Tableau Prep version 2020.1.2

      Why are your changes cleared out when fixing a Text Option? Or the bigger question why can't Tableau Prep remember what you have in your saved TFL file and have to clear (or reset) the Text Settings and any changes you have already made.  This is really a pain in the A$$ to make these changes again after you already made them a first time you built and save them.


      How can my input setting stay until I need to change them?