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    Extract Refresh at Tableau Online

    Yanina Bykouskaya

      Hi All!


      In my company we use Tableau Online to share dashboard with colleagues.


      But there are some troubles: our data sources are too big and sometimes it's difficult to extract and refresh them.

      Some sources are located at Tableau Online and extract is updated there, i.e. when I create a workbook with dashboards I connect to tableau server (tableau online).


      With one data source I have a strange case:  an extract crash when it's time to update with alert like "Unknown Failure (status code = 1003, [Amazon][Amazon Redshift] (30) Error occurred while trying to execute a query: [SQLState XX000] ERROR: exceeded the maximum size allowed for the total set of cursor data: 8000MB. )", BUT when after this failure I update it MANUALLY, it's ok, exctract is refreshed.


      What can be the reason of a such case?


      Thank you!!!