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    Shift axis labels to bottom

    Varsha Sen



      I have a requirement to show the labels in the bottom. However I'm unable to shift the labels. I have attached my workbook. I want the labels A,B,C,D,E at the bottom. I have attached the required screenshot as well as my workbook. Also is it possible to increase the gaps between the bar as shown in screenshot. Please help.




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          Soumitra Godbole

          Hi Varsha,


              It was nice to see a new problem posted by you after a long time. Also this time it's not just a

          cool & fun problem but it is definitely challenging and thought provoking. Here is my take on this using

          something never used before showing a dimensional axis scale title for a scale that is actually a measure.



          Actually what you are seeing above is a dual axis chart where the Bars, labels are one measure (y axis

          values) and the X Axis labels are invisible Text labels placed on an X axis that is a measure (actually the

          values A, B, C etc were converted to 1,2,3.. numbers). The actual X axis is hidden but I made it look like

          the A, B, C etc are really headers.


          I did have to remove your formulas as I had envisioned a completely new solution and wished to start

          from scratch so as to embark upon a new world (in this case a new solution)




          Calculated fields:

          Just 6 calculated fields helped to create the above


          Formula 1 - Area ID.png

              It was necessary to assign numbers for each area so we could place them on a graph horizontally



          Formula 2 - Category Header.png

              This would help with the color dimension



          Formula 3 - Category Value.png

              This would help in calculating the Sum(Values) without having

              to use any table calculation



          Formula 4 - X Axis Values.png

                By adjusting the +0.1 or -0.1, you can even increase the distance between

                the bars (which answers the 2nd part of your question)



          Formula 5 - Position of Area Header.png

                I have selected -2.0 Million after looking at the entire data (knowing the Max values

                which was in the 20 million range). This can be adjusted accordingly based on your data.



          Formula 6 - Area Header.png

                This was necessary else you would see 2 headers for A, B, C ...



          Creating the visual:




          Like in most dual axis charts, do remember to synchronize the y axis values.


          Hope the above exercise was helpful and easy to follow. Thanks for such a wonderful problem that

          enabled me to think out of the box and arrive at a cool solution for something that looks almost impossible

          to do ie placing 2 pairs or bars on a dimension scale (which in reality is not the case as the x axis is very

          much a measure). I have given it a 5 star rating (* * * * *) although it deserves more.


          Also for your reference, I have attached the twbx file. Do let me know if you have any questions or need

          further clarity. Hope this was helpful and correctly answered your question. Best Wishes !