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    Changing Data Source from Extract to Live Error

    Frank Vahid Razaghzadeh

      Hi All


      I am new to Tableau online and have a problem which I need to fix urgently. I created a workbook by connecting directly to Google Big Query as my data source. All the connection were live and I changed them to Extract in the Data source to speed the dashboards as they were running slow. Now when I go to each worksheet i the data source and try to change back to live from Extract  I get eh following error

      when i go to edit and change the connection to use my credential and click on test it says it is connected successfully but when I change to Live I keep getting the above error.


      I hope this makes sense and any help is appreciated

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          David Browne

          Hi Frank,


          Was all the changing between live and extract done in the browser?


          In terms of getting the workbook working again as a matter of urgency it might be best to download it, open it in Tableau Desktop and create an extract in Tableau Desktop and republish it.



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            Frank Vahid Razaghzadeh

            Hi David

            Thanks for the quick reply. Yes I  changed from the browser and it worked fine but when I want to change back it won't let me even if the credentials are right. Is this something I am doing wrong?



            The problem is I have made the dashboards available and everyone in the company and it's really slow or does not load for some and I have a demo tomorrow to senior stakeholders and the Live is really slow or doesnt load up at all,  so if I change to extract would that work better. I am not familiarised wtith extract, does it have the whole data or does it just take a sample of data as I do not want to show incorrect information. We only update the data in GBQ once a week so will not need live connection, but want to make sure the Extract is the right way and then I refresh the data every time the source is updated.


            Any help is appreciated it