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    Authentication with Azure AD

    Pascal Soehnlein



      i'm currently implementing an Azure AD login inside a Tableau Extension. We need this to get the users name and later on save personal settings based on that information.

      The Workaround with the calculated field Username() was used for our first prototype, but does not match our requirements for a final version.


      The login works when i run the web application outside of Tableau, in a browser like chrome or edge.

      When using the app inside an Extension, the authentication token is not set though.


      I already tried the login inside a popup, unfortunately the token is only set in the popup, but not sent to the frame inside Tableau afterwards.

      We use Angular with oauth2-oidc for the Frontend, this seems to be very Tableau specific though.


      Does somebody have the same issue or solved this authentication inside the extension?

      Can you give me more Information about how exactly the Extension is embedded inside Tableau?