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    Based on max date need the value from second column

    Ranjeet Khopde

      Column status contains the different cycle status from START to END for one  SERIAL NUMBER. Grouped by SERIAL NO I am looking the latest status ie. END in REQUIRED DATA field.

      I tried using     { FIXED [ Serial Number]:max([Completed])}  but it gives max Date and I am looking for latest status ie END.


      Please let me know how I can do it in Tableau.




      Model NumberStatusSerial NumberCompletedRequire data
      ABCDSTART12346/30/2018 11:27END
      ABCDPART VERIFICATION12343/14/2019 0:29END
      ABCDManual  Station12343/14/2019 0:40END
      ABCDTest Station12343/14/2019 1:45END
      ABCDRework Station12343/14/2019 5:19END
      ABCDRework Station12343/14/2019 8:41END
      ABCDTest Station12343/14/2019 9:29END
      ABCDCharging Station12343/14/2019 10:02END
      ABCDEND12343/14/2019 10:14END




      Ranjjeet K