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    New Server Admin Insights Data Sources released!

    Matt Coles

      Hey everyone! We've just released new versions of the TS Data Sources, with bug fixes and enhancements to existing versions, as well as versions explicitly compatible with 2019.4. This set of data sources is intended to be pointed at the PostgreSQL repository database of Tableau Server to make it easy to ask and answer questions about your Tableau Server deployment. For more info, and some demos of how they work, check out this TC19 session: Stop Building Custom Admin Views The Hard Way. Just Stop.


      You can obtain these from https://github.com/tableau/community-tableau-server-insights. Use the compatibility chart to determine the right version to download for their version of Server.


      Changes to multiple data sources:


      • Added Version field (#14)
      • Forced values for all LUID fields to lowercase (#8)
      • Updated User Filter for consistency with other data sources (#16)
      • Hid new fields (#9)
      • Added additional Site fields for consistency (#10)



      Changes to particular data sources:


      • TS Events
        • Removed "/sheets" from Repository URL fields (#12)
      • TS Data Connections
        • Added "Updated At" field (#3)
        • Added data source project owner info (#18)
      • TS Web Requests
        • Added a starter sheet (#2)
        • Clarified "vud" action type in comment (#1)
      • TS Users
        • Fixed Site Role calculation for Viewer role (#17)
      • TS Background Tasks
        • Added Project Owner information (#15)