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    show grand total of calc. while hiding multiple dates in backround (details) for table calc.

    Lucas Fischer

      Hi, I'm quite new to Tableau and I got stuck in this problem for a while now. I've tried for hours and hours to just show me the grand total of a calculation..


      So basicly I've a table calc. ("max consecutive days") which shows me the number of days a supply shortage ("Quantity" < 0) will last. For the number of days I've something like a calander of the next 90 days ("date").

      I'm doing the table calculation with PREVIOUS_VALUE and everytime there is a supply shortage it will count the consecutive days when the "quantity" is negative for every "component".


      And then I've a second calc. "freight cost" which checks if the quantity is negative and the "max consecutive days" is greater than 10 and Then multiplies the quantitiy with a cost rate from another database (Data blending based on "Plant")


      I'm "hiding" the days of the date (DAY(Date)) in details so I dont have 90 rows for each component in my view. But if I try to get the grand total it doesnt't work because the "freight cost" will show up for every day (for the 90 days from "date")


      In the End I just need one cell in the view to show me the grand total of the freight cost for all components...



      I appreciate any ideas!!


      thanks in advance!