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    Multiple donnuts display

    Peng Wang

      Hi guys,


      I like to display something as this screenshot shown below. welcome any idea. thank.


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          Graham Rose

          Can you provide a workbook? This is not hard to build but the exact method is dependent on the layout of your data.

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            Peng Wang

            thank you for response, we design this on page now, sorry, no any weekbook. would you please give me some clues, if possible. I can create those donuts, but, "<" and ">" is hard one. 

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              Peng Wang

              here is a similar  weekbook,  I hope this is helpful. thanks

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                Graham Rose

                Do you have a dataset at least? I'm assuming what you're using is not structured the same as the super store data?

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                  Peng Wang

                  Thank you for comments, here is it, please check the attache file. What I want is to add left and right shift button and logic.

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                    Joe Oppelt

                    Is it important to have a right- and left-arrow?


                    Tableau scrolls a viz using the scroll bar.


                    In the attached I increased the size of your donuts, and put the sheet on a dashboard.  When you are clicked on the sheet on the dashboard, notice the setting of the "fit" at the top of the dashboard:



                    If you have that set to "Entire View" or "Fit Width", tableau will scrunch the sheet to fit in the designated space.  But Standard will display it as it is shown in the sheet editor, and add scroll bars (either vertical or horizontal or both, as needed) if the sheet is bigger than its designated space.

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                      Joe Oppelt

                      For the record, if you absolutely have to have right- and left arrows, I suppose we can hack that up with dashboard popping, but it will be complicated.  (Especially complicated if it will require more than one shift to move to the end of the viz!)

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                        Peng Wang

                        Thank you, Joe.


                        Yes, right- and left arrows is necessary, I wonder how to achieve it.

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                          Joe Oppelt

                          What I have attached is a simplistic version of where this can go.


                          In the attached, see Dashboard 1.  Here I colored the background pink so you can see things clearer.  And I floated a blank object over the right side of the sheet.  Notice that the sheet extends past the boundary of the pink dashboard.  Your user won't see anything past that boundary once it is published to server or to tableau online.  So the blank will hide the right side of the sheet in a subsequent dashboard.


                          Go to dashboard copy 2.


                          The expanded donut sheet is 1250 pixels long.  I made a pop-out sheet (sheet 2) that is half that size.  It will expand and shrink using actions, and when it does, one half or the other will be displayed on the dashboard.  Click the right and left arrows.  (Sometimes you'll have to click them twice for now.  That'll have to be yet another complication to this process, so just click twice for now.)


                          I placed both Sheet 2 (left-most in the container) and the original sheet 1 into a horizontal container.  When the pop-out sheet expands or clears, sheet 1 moves right and left.  This technique is called popping.


                          The arrows work like they do by passing either "a" or "b" to the popping sheet (sheet 2).  This is built on a separate data source that I attached.  Simple excel file, just to have a separate data values that are independent of your data.  Sheet 2 is filtered to force only "a" onto the sheet.  When we pass "a" or "b" from the arrow sheets, we either satisfy the filter (which makes the sheet display) or contradict the filter (which makes the sheet go blank).  That's what makes the popping work here.


                          Now go to Dashboard 3.


                          Now I have placed the horizontal container behind the colored blank object, and moved the arrows.  More importantly, I have placed the starting x-coordinate for the container at negative -615.  Now the popping sheet is off the dashboard.  When it is expanded, the left side of Sheet 1 is in view on the dashboard.  When sheet 2 is collapsed, we see the left side of the donut sheet.


                          So at its simplest, we can pop this sheet back and forth on your dashboard like this.  What will become even more complicated is if we will need to make multiple pops to the right or the left to see the whole thing.  Getting that to happen would take something that would be a consulting effort.  It would require computing how many pops, and then the machinery to expand or contract that popping sheet multiple stretches, and require the logic to know when and how to add or remove chunks of expansion.


                          Also we would need to address the need to click the arrows twice.  That's already worked out in a technique called "Never Ending Navigation".  Here is a link to that:




                          For now, I've attached a start to see if this begins to address what you are looking for.