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    Clickable String-Searching Filter


      I am using Tableau 2019.1.11. Consider "Dashboard 1" in the attached .twbx file. There is a filter in here. Notice that each row has multiple values in the Col1 column separated by semicolons.


      Instead of listing each possible pair (note: this problem does need to extend beyond just two values per row in the actual data set I'm working with), I would like for the filter to have clickable options

      • All
      • a
      • b
      • c
      • d
      • A

      and filter the rows appropriately - i.e., if the one-character substring is in the Col1 field of the row. How can I achieve this?

      For example, if I hypothetically had a filter built with the above desired options, choosing "a" would yield the rows with IDs 1 and 2, because "a" is a substring in both Col1 values of IDs 1 and 2.