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    Distance Between two zip codes calculation.

    LaRae Punt

      I am wanting to harness the work already being done by Tableau with the spatial distance ability in maps.

      I have a patients zip code and a primary care physicians zip code. I need to know the difference between the two.

      Ideas? I was hoping I could click on a map measure my distance I am looking for and then export those records into a table.

      On the flip side of that if I just had a calculation to put in a calculated field that would be great, and the map unnecessary.


      Thank you!!



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          Jim Dehner


          You need the actual long and lat to do the distance calculations - you can't use those "generated" by tableau in formulas

          You can get the zip centroid long and lat from US Census bureau Tiger files - the file is extensive so if you are confined to a state you can filter to that state before downloading

          but bear in mind they are not street address longs and lats - they are the long and lat of the center of the zip code area


          you can then use the longs and lats in the Distance spatial formula in Tableau




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            LaRae Punt

            Jim, thank you for your reply. I did exactly that yesterday, (could not wait, but your confirmation to know you cannot use the lat and long in Tableau is good info) I ran the csv file through prep to separate and name. I then brought in the exact long and lat of the clinic, modified the spatial formula, and wala! LOVE me some Tableau. In the tabular report I had created a filter for > 30 miles< to be Ok to See, and Do not see. By accident I applied that filter to my map and it was brilliance!


            Thank you!