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    Call R code and get the result from the R and show the result in Tableau

    Thirusenthilkumar Pandiyan

      The idea is to provide more/automated insights to user irrespective of what they are looking on the Report/single KPI.

      For ex: i have a report which shows Product, sales, discount by monthly let say for one year. but, if i want to see how product sales decreased because of less discount/age group/buying timeline/..etc.

      Let say the above report contains Product, Category, Customer, Store, TimeDim and one Fact table. I have a R code which takes all the tables and its columns do the comparison, calculate the similarity and so on, than the R code returns either JSON result or R data frame, it works fine in my custom app but i want to implement the same functionality in Tableau.


      I welcome any advise form experts:

      How to call the R code from a report when the user clicks or select a parameter called "more insights" and get the R result and show the one or more charts automatically.