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    Extension loads as a website, not as an extension.

    Marc Schønwandt

      Hi there,


      I have an extension which works great in one Tableau desktop environment (1), but differently in another (2) and I'm finding it difficult to troubleshoot what goes wrong.


      In 1, the one that works as it should, the extension loads in Tableau and shows me a login screen to the extension, where I'm basically presented with a username+password box and a login button.

      In 2, rather that showing the login screen as above, it shows the extension as if I went to my browser and typed in the URL for the extension. That means it shows me the login box AND background pictures and other kinds of formatting, which is should in the browser, but not in my Tableau extension.


      The two .trex files are the same, except that the URLs point to their own site e.g. https://1.com and https://2.com . They are the same extension just on 2 different domains. Basically 2 is a copy of 1.


      I'm running Tableau 2019.2.


      Hope anyone can help me guide my troubleshooting.