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    Unable to delete extra scheduled refreshes

    Nathan Williams

      I am relatively new to Tableau and accidentally set up too many scheduled refreshes, but I am not able to delete the extra ones. I have included a screen shot. noDelete.PNG

      Any ideas or suggestions about how to fix this would be much appreciated.



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          David Browne

          Hi Nathan,


          All of those schedules are created by default in Tableau Online so you cannot create or delete them.


          Do you mean you have a data source/workbook being refreshed too many time?


          If you want to delete a scheduled refresh for a specific data source here is one way to do it:


          In the schedules tab you are in in the screenshot look at the tasks field. If there is a number > 0 it means that there is an data source using this schedule. Select the Schedule and you will get a list of workbooks/data sources using this schedule. Select the "..." beside the data source/workbook and select "Delete". This will remove the data source from this refresh schedule.