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    Average Data Based on Other Criteria


      I'm sure this is simple.


      I'm pretty green with Tableau. I have a Likert-style survey ("1- Strongly Disagree <=> 7- Strongly Agree") and built a vizi that shows colored bars for strength of response (like described here).


      I added a pill that averages the responses. I would actually like TWO pills, one that averages the variable "Response" based on "Job Category = 2" and the other based on "Job Category=5" ("Job Category" is a dimension in my data).


      How do I do that? I presume it's a calculated field, but I can't crack it. Explain it to me like I'm an eight year old.





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          Ken Flerlage

          You'll have to create some new measures. For example:


          IF [Job Category] = 2 THEN




          Then you'd average that. Then do the same for job category 5. But, depending on the structure of your data, this could complicate the creation of the chart. Any chance you could provide a sample workbook so we could take a closer look?