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    How to show all data if one or more months values are greater then a set value

    Jason Anderson

      I am in need of some help here.


      I am trying to filter my data (ALOC_GAS_PROD_AVG) for anything that is greater than or equal to 25.  But the caveat that I need to this is if any of the months return a value of >=25, for any well, then I need to show the numbers for all the months of 2019.  Right now I am only showing the months that are >=25 for each Well.


      As you can see in the small sample below it is showing everything for 7-35N because all months were >=25 however for 11R-27N it is not showing what the numbers were for the missing months of the year.


      What 11R-27N should return is below, since one or more of the months were >=25