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    Hyper file size increases after deleting some rows

    Anitha Boddu

      1. I generated a abc.hyper (from a csv file using Rest API)  file which is of size 241.9MB (3873381 rows) .

      2. Then we deleted 1454211 rows from abc.hyper file and created a file abc_deleted.hyper with the remaining rows (2419170).

      3. Here the problem is when we are creating deleted file which have less rows than the original one ,size of the file is more than the original one as shown below.

      Original file abc.hyper size is 241.9MB

      Deleted file abc_deleted.hyper file size is 560.5 MB.

      We are not able to understand why the file size is getting larger even though that fie consists less rows .

      Can anyone help me on understanding this