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    Tableau User Group meetups in the Chicago area

    Ciara Brennan

      To subscribe for updates to Tableau meetups in the Chicago area.....


      Chicago Healthcare User Group --> https://usergroups.tableau.com/ChicagoHealthcare

      Chicago healthcare.JPG


      North Suburban Chicago User Group --> https://usergroups.tableau.com/NorthSuburbanChicago

      • Note the next meetup is taking place on January 23rd 2020   8.30am - 11.45am

      Baxter Healthcare | 1 Baxter Pkwy (DF Cafe South) | Deerfield, IL

      North Subarban Chicago User Group.JPG


      West Suburban Chicago User Group --> https://usergroups.tableau.com/WestSuburbanChicago

      West Suburban Chicago.JPG


      Hope this helps


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