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    Hyper API Command Line Arguments

    Stephen Fischer

      Does anyone know how to specify the hyper process command line arguments? I can run the API via a console application (Windows/C#) and create an extract but when I use the exact same code in a local web application I get an error. The command line being called (based on the error message) is:


      "C:\Development\Origami\Origami\Origami\bin\hyper\hyperd.exe" "-x" "fallback_on_unknown_locale=en_US" "-x" "log_config=file,json,all,hyperd,0" "--database" "hyper_db_Mxp7j7xo" "--init" "overwrite" "--init-user" "tableau_internal_user" "--log-dir" "c:\windows\system32\inetsrv" "--no-password" "--no-ssl" "--skip-license" "--telemetry-opt-in" "--listen-connection" "tab.pipe://./pipe/auto" "--callback-connection" "tab.pipe://./pipe/{733D3F60-9026-4D77-8BAC-B10F14D89871}" "run"


      I see this inner error:


      Child process' stderr:

      Unable to open log file: CreateFileW("\\?\C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv\hyperd.log"): Access is denied


      It would appear the issue is the log-dir command line argument.


      "--log-dir" "c:\windows\system32\inetsrv"


      I don't want to grant permissions in that folder, I'd like to log somewhere else. This is being called with the same code as the sample code:


      using (HyperProcess hyper = new HyperProcess(Telemetry.SendUsageDataToTableau))


      Any idea how to specify the log directory? My installation is 100% defaults.