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    Rest API signin certificate check

    Homer Roderick

      I need many of the API functions and trying to learn it the python tableauserverclient package but stuck at signin.


      import tableauserverclient as TSC

      tableau_auth = TSC.TableauAuth('garbleduser', 'garbledpassword', 'THR-Tableau')

      server = TSC.Server('https://tableau')



      The error that keeps coming up is

      SSLError: HTTPSConnectionPool(host='tableau', port=443): Max retries exceeded with url: /api/3.3/auth/signin (Caused by SSLError(SSLError("bad handshake: Error([('SSL routines', 'tls_process_server_certificate', 'certificate verify failed')])")))


      I get the same result from http://... as I do https://

      I use tabcmd a lot and always need the --nocertcheck option to get it to work on my server. I've poured over the API documentation and examples but don't find any mention of bypass certificate checking.



      Thanks for looking.