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    how to avoid the error "This worksheet contains scripts for an External Service, which are not supported on the target platform" when publishing to a Tableau Server running TabPy?

    Jon Kusun

      I have a Tableau Desktop 2019.2 workbook being developed on a laptop - which is successfully running SCRIPT calculations connected to a Tabpy server on that same laptop. (Tableau Desktop connects to localhost port 9004).


      I also have a Tableau Server 2019.2 running it's own instance of Tabpy (on port 9004).


      When publishing the Tableau workbook from the laptop to that Tableau Server it gives the error message "One or more views may cause issues when viewed on the platform to which you are publishing [...] This worksheet contains scripts for an External Service, which are not supported on the target platform", and then refuses to publish the workbook. (It brings up a pop up window with the error message and the only option is to click "OK" which removes the window, but does not publish the workbook. I also tried publishing using tabcmd, but that gives the same error and fails to publish).


      I know that when published to the Tableau Server, the SCRIPT calculations do in fact work correctly - since in both cases the Tableau workbook is connecting to an active Tabpy server on localhost 9004. I verified this by commenting out the code in the SCRIPT calculations, which allowed the Tableau workbook to be published from the laptop to the Tableau Server without hitting that error - then I used the server editing mode to uncomment the code, and the SCRIPT calculations rendered the correct results without errors.


      (Unfortunately I cannot get the Tableau Desktop on the laptop to connect to the Tableau Server tabpy instance on port 9004 due to network constraints. Nor can I install Tableau Desktop on the Tableau Server machine to publish from there due to licence constraints).


      Is there perhaps some way to force Tableau to ignore the error and just publish the workbook anyway? (Since I know it will work once it's on the server)


      Or any other solution?