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    Error publishing tableau workbook/datasource to tableau online

    Pieter Jansen

      Hi all,


      I succesfully connected a mysql database to tableau desktop. Now I want to push this datasource and use it to have a live datasource in tableau online. I have succesfully installed and started tableau bridge (version 20194.19.1211.1636 64 bit) and signed in to the tableau server as u can see in image 1. But when I start tableau bridge it doesnt seem to connect as u can see in image 2. When I try to push the data I get the screen in image 3. When I choose the "prompt user" option I get a signin screen like image 4. When I enter there the same log in details as when I connected tableau desktop to the mysql datasource it does not login. When I choose the "embedded password" option from image 3 I get the error message in image 5. After this I do see a message as u can see in image 6. The weird thing is that the datasource does show up in tableau bridge as u can see in image 2. Anyone knows whats the solution tot this?


      IMAGE 1

      IMAGE 2

      IMAGE 3

      image 4

      image 5

      image 6