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    Tableau datasource url from web server

    anoosha shetty

      Hi All ,


      I have usecase where i need to send my   datasource  URL  through an email to my  users .

      I am planning to use powershell for this , but I am not decide on the  href link  of the datasource in my powershell script


      For example from web server  the current datasource URL looks like this   : https://tableauwebserver/#/datasources/434007/connections 


      MY question here is is the ID 434007  would this be constant for my datasource through out it's lifecycle or not ?


      Doubt  is that ID will change if my datasource is republished to server , or if any other object  is added to the same project . IF this is the case  is there a way i can get a constant URL of my datasource from  tableau web server.


      What are your thoughts ?