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    [Help] Need Desktop Download of Tableau

    Aveen Patel

      Hi there, I'm new here


      Thanks for clicking. I have an awesome professor who got a bunch of students tableau learning for free. I will have to take a certification exam, so I may as well ask for help early. I already downloaded tableau on my apple book, but I just built a new pc, and would like to experience Tableau with 32 gigs of ram. Hopefully this makes the visualizations pretty! Haha, but in all seriousness, I'm so keen on the data analytics space, and would love to simply get tableau on this computer. Our access code entitles us to two downloads of their client, and I would love to use my second download, just don't know where to re-input my coupon code.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!


      -Aveen Patel

      (are you supposed to sign forum posts?)

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          Heyward Drummond

          Glad you are exploring Tableau. That coupon code is the serial number. You simply download the trial version of Tableau from our website. It may prompt you for the code once installed. If not, you enter it on the Help, Manage Product Key. then choose the activate button. That should work.


          If not, you can get help here:

          Tableau for Students


          There is a FAQ at the bottom and there is a link to an email address you can submit help for.


          Hope that help.